Kauai’s Ultimate
South Shore Snorkel Adventure

Ultimate Kauai South Shore Snorkel Adventure | Kauai Snorkeling

Kauai snorkeling is a must when visiting. Our Kauai’s Ultimate Snorkeling & Turtle Encounter explores Kauai’s Poipu shore. Get up and close to Kauai’s amazing marine life – sea turtles, dolphins, monk seals and much more.

Kauai’s Ultimate
Whale Adventure (Seasonal)

Ultimate Kauai Whale Adventure

Every year during the winter months, the humpback whales return to Hawaiian waters. See these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Kauai’s Ultimate
Guided Shore Snorkel (No Zodiac)

Ultimate Kauai Guided Shore Snorkel

An adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience. Where else are you going to be able to experience all that Kauai Z Tours has to offer? Let us create memories that will last a lifetime, snorkeling in Kauai.

The BEST South Shore Kauai SNORKEL TOURS!

While on Kauai, take your family on an exciting snorkeling adventure and experience all the Garden Isle has to offer. We visit two snorkel sites per tour, giving you maximum time in the water and better chance to encounter Dolphins, Turtles and exotic fish and during the season, Humpback Whales.


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