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Our Boats

All of our tours are conducted on one of our two 25′ Rigid Hull Zodiac Boat. “Hokupa’a” and “Ho’okahi”. We are coast guard certified for up to 14 passengers. These are same style of boats used by Navy Seals and US Coastguard known for its speed and maneuverability in the waters. This proves to be extremely useful for our Zodiac Boat Snorkel tours as it allows us to reach the snorkel locations more effectively and directly than the larger catamarans. We do sit much closer to the water, so there’s a higher chance of experiencing a “REFRESHING” splash or two on the tours before you take the splash for snorkeling.

Key Information to know:
There are no formal “Seats” on the vessel, guests will sit on the inflatable tubes along the outside of the vessel.
* There is also no bathroom or shade on these boats.

These boats provide ADVENTURE and excitement on our tours with waves and ever changing ocean conditions and MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. If you’re expecting a luxury cruise in your Sunday best, any tours on boats with our company may not be the best for you. Please consider our Guided Shore Snorkel instead.

25' Zodiac, 14 passengers - Hookahi

25′ Zodiac “Hurricane” rigid inflatable, the same boat used by Navy Seals known for its speed and maneuverability.  Coast Guard Certified for up to 14 passengers + captain/crew. Hookahi is powered by fuel efficient, “lean burn”, low emission, twin 140 horse power 4-stroke Suzuki engines.  There is a ladder to get back on board after snorkeling and swimming.