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Kauai Z Tours

Go Beyond the Beach...

Kauai’s breathtaking waters become your canvas of exploration. It's not just riding the waves on our Zodiac Boats; it's about curating an immersive experience that reveals the vibrant wonders beneath the ocean's gleaming surface.


Explore Kauai’s Mesmerizing Aquatic Treasures

Discover Kauai’s Splendors: From Shore, Sea, to Whales

Guided Shore Snorkel Tours:  No boat? No problem! Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of Kauai’s coastline directly from the shore. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned snorkelers, our shore tours allow you to explore vibrant marine ecosystems without setting foot on a boat. Delve into an enchanting world of tropical fish, sea urchins, and perhaps even spot the graceful Hawaiian green sea turtles!

Zodiac Boat Snorkel Adventures:  Jump aboard our Zodiac boats, the same vessels used by Navy Seals, and let them whisk you away to secluded snorkeling spots. Navigate the southern shores, marvel at the Queen’s Summer Home from Allerton Bay, witness the awe of Spouting Horn, and, if the winds favor, venture out to Kipu Kai. Snorkel the famed Sheraton Caverns, known locally as “Honu Hale” – the home of the turtles.

Seasonal Whale Watching Tours:  Every winter, Kauai’s waters come alive with the majestic dance of humpback whales. Join us on a captivating voyage to witness these gentle giants up close, as they breach, slap their tails, and serenade with their haunting songs. A magical experience, not to be missed, and available only for a limited time each year!

Whatever your preference, Kauai Z Tours promises unforgettable adventures that cater to every member of the family.  Delve into a “Honu World” with us and experience the magic of Kauai like never before. 

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The Z Tours Difference

All Equipment Provided

Kauai Z Tours and our sister scuba company Dive Kauai have more than 25 years product testing to find only the best suited gear for all of our tours.  We include the Snorkel, Mask, Fins, Wetsuit and snorkel vest for all of our snorkel tours.  Rain/splash jackets are available for our Whale Watching Tours.

Our Staff Make the Difference

Passionate about what we do, all of our guides and captains spend hours training in preparation for you our guest. Most of our snorkel guides are also professional PADI Dive Masters and Scuba Instructors who bring superior knowledge of the underwater world to each and every tour.

Conservation & Ecology Focused

The ocean (Moana) is at the heart pulse of what we do.  Without the vast eco systems and diverse species on our reefs there would be no underwater world for us to educate, explore and enjoy.  “The oceans deserve our respect and care, but you have to know something before you can care about it” – Sylvia Earle.

Discover Kauai’s Underwater Paradise: Delve into the “Honu World”

Hidden Marine Treasures Await:

Unearth snorkeling spots in Kauai you never knew existed. Delve deep and swim alongside an array of marine wonders, from playful dolphins to majestic tropical fish. As you float, be enchanted by the dance of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, locally named “Honu”. In the winter, witness the breathtaking spectacle of adult and calf humpback whales, rejoicing in Hawaii’s warm embrace.

An Authentic Oceanic Experience:

Our tours go beyond mere sightseeing. With the thrilling Zodiac rides, serene shore excursions, and guided snorkel adventures, we blend excitement with education. Delve into Kauai’s marine ecosystem, understand its delicate balance, and immerse in the island’s unique allure. We promise not just a tour, but an enlightening journey through Kauai’s oceanic wonders.

Adventure Awaits:

Why let Kauai’s marine mysteries remain undiscovered? Embark on a journey that takes you closer to the heartbeat of the ocean. With every splash and snorkel, be a part of the island’s story. Your gateway to an unforgettable Hawaiian marine adventure is right here. Make your reservation today!

See Turtles on our Top-Rated Kauai Snorkeling Tours

Aquatic Wonderland

We got up close and personal - but not too close - to about 5 green sea turtles. The two spots we visited were great, the 1st was a hangout for turtles and the 2nd a reef closer to shore schooling with fish... We really loved this trip and the great sea life we saw, and enjoyed Davey and Dave as our guides.

– Mike L. | TripAdvisor
Found the Whales Right Away!

So nice to get up close and personal...none of this 50 people to a boat business. Very knowledgeable staff. JC and Jon were amazing! Found the whales right away and shared some very interesting facts on the trip. Highly recommend!

– Julie M. | Facebook

We saw a ton of turtles & even a small shark. They went out of their way to make sure the experience was amazing & it was! Would definitely recommend booking thru Zodiac! The picnic lunch at the harbor was a nice ending to a wonderful morning!

– Lueluelolo | TripAdvisor
Highly Recommend

First time going on a rafted boat tour. I enjoyed the fantastic captain (JC and her crew). They made the trip so much fun. I enjoyed the opportunity to snorkel in some amazing places that I would never had known about. I highly recommend booking your next trip with Z tours.

– Igor N. | Facebook
Awesome Fun Experience!

My 8yr old and I absolutely loved this experience! The crew is so friendly and fun to be around as well as knowledgeable of the area and helpful going out of their way to ensure each guest has what they need. We saw so many sea turtles and beautiful fish! This was our best adventure of the vacation I would go again over and over!

– Kristin W. | TripAdvisor

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