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  • SEASONAL: November 2023 - March 2024

Whale Watching and Dolphin Zodiac Adventure

Witness whales breaching & singing and Dolphins jumping & spinning!

Quick Details

Checkmark Included: Splash Jackets, assortment of juices, water and light snacks.

Adult 13 years or older
Child 5-12 years old

Kauai’s Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure

SEASONAL: November – March each year

Our friends the North Pacific Humpback whale or “gentle giants” as we call them make their journey from the Alaska summer playground to our warmer Hawaiian Waters during the months of November through March each winter for mating season.  These magnificent creatures that weigh in at slimming 40-tons and make the nearly 3000 mile journey in approximately six to eight weeks at an average speed of three to five miles per hour.

Kauai whale watching tours are a must-do in Hawaii! They always leave families with a lifetime of memories and children are always left with a whale of a story for all to hear when they return home.  However, our Zodiac Boat Whale Watching ADVENTURES may not be for everyone. We always make sure to inform guests that Zodiac Boats are NOT leisure cruises.  We will travers upwards of 30 miles up and down the southern coast of Kauai in search for the whales on these tours. Depending on the day, the waters can make it more adventurous. However, the Zodiac boats are a truly one of a kind experience!  Known for speed and maneuverability in the waters. This proves to be extremely useful for our whale watching tours as it allows us to cover farther reaches of the coastline in search for the whales much more effectively than the larger vessels. We do sit much closer to the water, so there’s a higher change of experiencing a “REFRESHING” splash or two on the tours.

Please be advised, there is no snorkeling on the whale & dolphin adventure, if you’re looking for snorkeling please check out our snorkel tours